This current firm which was established in year 2003, is an amalgamation of the two firms (one which was established in year 1998 and the other year 2000) established by the three current partners whom have individually practised for at least 14 years each bringing together the combined experience of at least 42 years of legal practice to each and every one of the firm's customers past, present and future. The firm is already a decade in existence and we are indeed proud to have provided qualitative and professional advice and services to numerous clients corporate private or otherwise. Kindly refer to the curriculum vitae of our lawyers for more specific information.

The partners’ decision for the amalgamation is squarely aimed to strengthen the previous practices of the partners so a wider spectrum of legal practice could be offered to all our clients. With this amalgamation, the firm would now be represented by its offices in Kuala Lumpur (Main) and Ipoh (Branch). .

With the combined experience and knowledge of the partners, the firm received an infusion of specialist corporate and conveyancing know how and consequently evolved from a well respected and reputable litigation firm to one which is also equipped to serve the contentious and non – contentious needs of its clients. The firm performs a wide variety of work but is currently very active in the sub-sale market for residential and retail properties. The firm has throughout the years, managed to provide stellar services and advise to numerous real estate agencies and currently our services is highly recommended by such agencies to their potential clients. With the wide support of such agencies we have naturally progressed to include in our services, developer linked conveyancing work. We have assisted numerous developers in the legal aspect from planning through to the completion of their projects and has indeed amassed irreplaceable experience along the way. The developers that we are currently working with are very reputable and active and has numerous projects that has yet to be launched. We are currently working with a total of at least 1000 real estate agents out of which at least 300 of which are very active. We have also successfully conducted sales and purchase agreements and loan documentations for at least seven projects for numerous developers and is currently empanelled with 10 prominent developers. .

We also believe that every firm is only as good as the people in it. With that in mind the partners have employed a well rounded and responsible workforce in which together, the firm has provided and would continue to provide all of our clients with accurate, efficient and effective legal solutions. The firm is proud to say that due to such an effective and resourceful workforce, we have managed to secure a steady stream of clienteles both corporate and individuals. The firm's staunch belief in providing quality and personalised service has seen to the firm's steady growth. The firm has throughout this seven years period is indeed proud to have conducted more than ten thousand conveyancing matters. We truly believe that our firm would be able to provide to your good selves with the most relevant legal advices should we have the opportunity to work together.